Learning to be Frugal and Much More

This is a place where I would like to post what I learn as I go. I am trying to declutter, save money, pay off my equity loan and just learn to live simply. There will be recipes when I try them and some of my own. I guess I will build this as I go.

Location: New York, United States

I have been a mom since I was 18 years old. I have 3 children 21, 9 and 7 and I am a Nana to one real cute 10 month old grandson. I am married to a wonderful man for the last 10 years. I am enjoying learning how to be a better keeper of my home, and wife to my hubby. I feel that saving money is a challenge and so fun to learn. I shop sales and love to cook for my freezer knowing that my family will have homemade meals. I do order in but I am trying to limit that to once per week.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

First of many I hope

This is the first of many I hope, just kinda a place for me to share my thoughts and frustrations. I need someplace to keep my recipes also. I would like to start meal planning and I need someplace to keep a list of what I serve so we will see.

Life is very busy right now for me, where I live the parking is terrible and I spend lots of time trying to park my full size van LOL. We also have a little RV in PA and we are spending weekends there so I am always doing laundry and packing or unpacking LOL. I am very blessed but complain a lot LOL.

I am looking forward to having a place to vent, share and just express myself and my feelings and frustrations and all my new lessons I am learning and tips I get.

A little background, I started keeping a pantry, and looking into keeping a supply for emergencies after 911, we are close enough to have seen what was happening and having pieces of the building in my backyard, we also had papers from the Trade center companies land in our backyard however we are not in Manhattan. It really affected me, more like woke me up to the fact that I would have to do something if it happened again. How would I help my family not panic, worry. SOOOOOOO I started keeping a pantry and started stocking it with some stuff that I think will keep us going for a little bit while we decide what to do. As time went on I was able to look at my pantry as a place to keep supplies for not only tragedy but winter. It is not fun to need food or milk or detergent in a snow storm LOL. At the same time I decided that we needed to begin a simpler life (out of my own emotional necessity) things are so fast and I needed to slow it down. Cut costs and declutter, that is where I am today, So here I will post my first tip:

Dish Detergent for Laundry Detergent - Most weeks you can get a bottle of dish detergent for .99 cents where a bottle of Laundry Detergent costs 5.99. With a little trial and error I have learned to use the Dish detergent in the laundry big savings for me, because the laundry detergent only lasted one week where the dish detergent lasts about a month. I guess because you use so little and it goes a long way.

Well I think that is it for today, I am just starting this and I want to keep it short LOL HEE HEE